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Today we are going to see about vithuvaedanam, which is one among the Siththars Asta karma and also one of 64 subtle Tamil arts. 

Vithuvaedanam creates misunderstanding and endless fight with one another and making them detach each other. Still I am searching the information regarding the particular usage of this art by Siththars.

Now we will see about the procedure and preparation for practicing vithuvaedanam.
The principal god for vithuvedanam is Vaayu deva.

The moolamantra for vithuvaedanam is “Om namasivaya aium kiliyum sriyum suvaaka”.

One should start practicing this art on saturday, facing north west direction,
wearing the strychnine bead chain and strychnine rosary for chanting mantra.

Plank of strychnine tree is used for seating purpose. Kaakkanam flower should be used for performing archanai on yantra. 

One should wear donkey colour silk cloth (ash grey colour) and also should wear it on yantra.

The yantra preparation method and the technique to attain siddhi can be seen in the upcoming post.

*Vaayu Deva – God of Air

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Translated by Lalithambika Rajasekaran

Paethanam - Continuation

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Paethanam is one of the mantrika art, which nullifies one’s thought completely. Still I do not get the accurate information in relation to Siththars usage of this mantrika art. I will be appreciative to those sharing accurate information regarding this paethanam.

Karuvoorar in his following song gives information regarding the yantra preparation for paethanam.

குணமாகும்பேதனமாஞ் சித்துகேளு
kunamaakumpaethanamaanj siththukaelu
கொற்றவனேயிருபத்தைந் தரைதான்கீறி
kotravanaeyirupaththainthain tharaithaankeeri
மணமுள்ளோய்ஐங்கோணம் நாற்கோணவட்டம்
manamulloai aingoanam naarkoanavattam
மயங்காதேயறுகோணம் முக்கோணம்பார்
mayankaathaeyarukoanam mukoanampaar
கணக்காக ம - வ - ந - சி - ய வென்றுமாட்டு
kanakkaaka ma – va – na – si- ya venrumaatu
கலங்காதே ஈம் - லம் - ஐம் - நம் – சௌவும்தான்
kalangaathae eem – lam – aim – nam - souvumthaan
பிசகாமல்கிலியும் றீயும் - ஐயும் - தானே
pisakaamalkiliyum reeyum – aiyum - thaanae.

தானேதான் சவ்வும்ஸ்ரீயும் – பீஜம்போடு
thaanaethaan savvumsriyum - peejampoadu
தன்மையாய்மூன்றாவ தணையைமாறு
thanmaiyaaimoonraava thanaiyaimaaru
கோனேகேள்பதினொன்று பதினைந்தையா
koanaekel pathinonru pathinainthaiyaa
கொற்றவனேஒன்பதுவும் நாலுபோடு
kotravanae onpathuvum naalu poadu
தேனேபார்கடைவீட்டில் பனிரெண்டாகும்
thanaepaar kadaiveetil panirendaakum
தெளிவாகதான்வரைந்து செப்பக்கேண்மோ
thelivaakathaan varainthu seppakkaenmoa
மானேநீநாலாவ தணைபிடித்த
maanaeneenaalaava thanaippiditha
மாறிவிடுபேதனயந் திரந்தானாச்சு
maarividupaethanayan thiranthaanaachu.

With reference to above poem, we will get yantra as sown below.

Now, we will see the trick to attain siddhi in paethanam using this above yantra.

With guru’s blessings, one should start practicing paethanam on sunday, wearing white pearl chain, sitting on a plank of paeithaeiththaan tree facing north direction. Then, yantra made of copper or silver plate should be placed on white silk cloth.

Along with that, moolamantra for paethanam, “Om yavasimana ariom sriyum savvum suvaaka” shuld be chanted 108 times on sunrise and sunset time (anthi & santhi), for the period of 48 days regularly. Along with that, archanai should be performed on yantra using flower of datura species in order to attain siddhi in this paethanam art as told by Karuvoorar.

Original –
Translated by Lalithambika Rajasekaran


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In this post, we will see about paethanam, a mantrika art which is sixth among Siththars asta karma. Even though we requested to our friends, still it is necessary to remind you. So..

Dear friends, we request you all to consider the information regarding mantrika in this blog only to acquire knowledge in this art. The mantrika practice requires multiple techniques, hence undesirable practice may result in hazardous effect.

Paethanam nullifies one’s thought and make them unconscious and becomes physchologically ill. This is one of the very dangerous mantrika art, hence the information regarding paethanam are concealed.

Today we will see about the preparations for paethanam.

The principal god for pethanam is Kubera*.

The moolamantra for paethanam is “Om yavasimana ariom sriyum savvum suvaaka”. 

One should start practicing this on sunday facing north direction.

White pearl chain should be wore and white pearl rosary should be used for chanting. Plank of paeithaeiththaan tree is used for seating purpose.

Datura species flower should be used for performing archanai on yantra. 

White silk cloth should be wore and should be used to wear on yantra.

Silver or copper plate is used for drawing yantra for paethanam. 

In upcoming post, we will see about the information regarding the yantra preparation and technique to attain siddhi using this yantra.

*Kubera – God of Wealth

Original –
Translated by Lalithambika Rajasekaran