The trick that turns enemy into friend

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The Siththars prefer a smooth life without enemies. We can find many songs where they stress that though one causes bad to us, we should in turn do well to them. Agathiyar narrates a trick in the following song that turns enemy into friend.

The following song is present in the book “Agathiyar maanthreega kaaviyam”.

"யெட்டான நகாரமுதை யகாரமான
yettaana nakaaramuthai yakaaramaana
இனிதான யிலைகளோ வில்வமாகும்
inithaana yilaikaloa vilvamaakum
நலமான செந்துகிலுடன் கிழக்குமூலை
nalamaana senthukiludan kizhakkumoolai
முளகுசிவ மாம்பலகை முன்னூற்றெட்டு
mulakusiva maampalakai munnoorrettu
தட்டாதே யுருவேற்றி யெதிரிபேரை
thattaathae yuruvaetri yethiripaerai
தானெழுதி யுன்பேரை மேலாகமாற்றி
thaanezhuthi yunpaerai maelaakamaatri
கட்டாகத் தகடெழுதி கையிற்கொண்டால்
kattaakath thagadezhuthi kaiyirkondaal
கடும்பகைவன் கேள்வானாம் கண்ணிற்காணே
kadumpakaivan kaelvaanaam kannirkaanae"

- அகத்தியர் (Agathiyar)

Take a copper sheet of 2” x 2” size and write your name on it. Below that write the name of the enemy whom you wanted to be your friend. Wear attire in red color and be seated on a wooden plank made out of mango tree facing east direction and place the sheet in front of you. 

Chant “Namasivaya” and drop a pepper and the leaf of vilva tree on to the sheet. After doing like this if you keep that sheet in your hand, the most dangerous enemy will also become your friend says Agathiyar.

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Translated by சந்தியா

Screen of snow! Screen of mind

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The human mind is a collection of experiences. These spread all over our memory and try to control us. The conflict of these experience between the two extremes, good and bad, is what we assume as concience. This conscience only rule our thoughts, actions and ideas.

The one with clear thoughts remains as the best person and the one with confused thoughts remains as the loser. Though the mind is responsible for the growth or fall of an individual, the reason behind it lies in the above mentioned experiences. 

Paambaatti Siththar explains the same in a simpler way in the following song.

"சூரியனைக் கணட பனி தூர ஓடல்போல்
sooriyanaik kanda pani thoora oadalpoal
சொந்த பந்தஞ் சிந்தபரி சத்த தலத்தில்
sontha panthanj sinthapari saththa thalaththil
சூரியனைக் கண்டுதரி சித்தே அன்புடன்
sooriyanaik kanduthari siththae anbudan
அகலாமல் பற்றித் தொர்டந்து ஆடாய் பாம்பே!
akalaamal patrith thrdanthu aadaai paambae!

- பாம்பாட்டிச் சித்தர்  (Paambaatti Siththar)

Snow is thicker like smoke. Through that anything cannot be seen clearly. This is known as the snow screen. But this screen of snow will disappear when the sunlight appears.

Our mind is surrounded by desires and illusions. We have to realize the Supreme Being in mind and get rid of all the desires and get away from illusions, like the snow that gets disappeared due to the sun light.

Like the snow that gets disappeared due to the sunlight, the mind should also realize the Supreme Being and get rid of the virtual screen that surrounds the mind says Paambaatti Siththar.

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Translated by சந்தியா

Tree with fruits

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There is nobody beyond comments. Everyone is being subjected to reviews and criticisms at some point of time. The consequences can be listed such as it impacts on your mind or on our body. Paambaatti Siththar has explained how the people with pure heart resolve these issues in the following song.

"காய்த்தமரம் அது மிகக் கல்லடி படும்
kaaiththamaram athu mikak kalladi padum
கன்மவினை கொண்டகாயம் தண்டனை பெறும்
kanmavinai kondakaayam thandanai perum
வாய்த்த தவம் உடையவர் வாழ்பவர் என்றே
vaaiththa thavam udaiyavar vaazhbavar enrae
வஸ்துத் திருவடி தொழுது ஆடாய் பாம்பே!
vasthuth thiruvadi thozhuthu aadaai paambae!”

- பாம்பாட்டிச் சித்தர் (Paambaatti Siththar)

 It is believed that the tree with fruits will be punished by hitting with stones. It means that the tree which has got nice flowers and fruits on it will be hit with stones to get that fruits.

Likewise those with the blessings of guru and attempting to realise themselves may also need to face punishments and protests. Also the people with pure heart serving the society and serving the god are no exceptions for this. The sorrows can cause nothing to these people. He says that they will be in a higher state where they are clear about all these issues.

The tree which is being hit by the stones even after getting hit continues to give fruits. Likewise the saints and sages who face all these problems will also continue to shower their blessings says Paambatti Siththar.

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Translated by சந்தியா