Rudhraksha! Chants! Guise as Lord Siva!

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In the previous post we have seen the purpose of doing chants and its importance as told by Agathiyar. Also we have seen that when those chants are done with the rosary and it would yield the best results. We have also seen that if we do these chants without failing everyday with concentration, then we would get the results in an easier way.

Agathiyar has told about how these chants are to be done in his book “Vaadha sowmiyam”. As per that the person doing the chants should be seated in a silent and pure place. He says that places like temple, mountain peaks and caves would be the right place for this. Because these places have less noise. He has also mentioned about the clothes to be worn while doing the chants. He named it as “Siva vedam” (Guise as Siva). He narrates the same in the following way.

"ஊணடாசிவவேட மார்க்கந் தன்னை
oonadaasivaveda maarkkan thannai
உறுதியாய் சொல்லுகிறேன் உனக்காய் மைந்தா
uruthiyaai sollukiraen unakkaai mainthaa
காணடா ஜெபமதலை அன்பத்தொன்று
kaanadaa jepamathalai anbaththonru
கணக்காக ருத்ராட்சங் கையிலேந்து
kanakkaaka ruthraatchang kaiyilaenthu
தானடா யோகதெண்டு அளவை கேளு
thaanadaa yogathendu alavai kaelu
தனதான அணிவிரல் முப்பத்திரண்டு
thanathaana aniviral muppaththirandu
பேணடா அளவாகச் செய்துகொண்டு
paenada alavaagach seythukondu
பேணியே கைதனிலே எடுத்துக் கொள்ளே
paeniyae kaithanilae eduththuk kollae."

- அகத்தியர் (Agathiyar)

"கொள்ளடா விபூதி உத்தளமாய்ப்பூசி
kolladaa vibhoodhi uththalamaaippoosi
கொண்ட பின்பு வேட்டியுட அளவைக் கேளு
konda pinbu vaettiyuda alavaik kaelu
நல்லடா அகலமது மூன்று முழமாகும்
nalladaa akalamathu moonru muzamaakum
நலமான நீளமது ஆறு முழமாகும்
nalamaana neelamathu aaru muzhamaakum
உள்ளடா பீனஞ்சாண் அகலங் கூட்டி
ulladaa peenanjaan akalang kootti
உத்தமனே நீளமது நால் சாணாகும்
uththamanae neelamathu naal saanaakum
அள்ளடா காவியிலே நீர்க்காவியாகும்
alladaa kaaviyilae neerkkaaviyaakum
அரகரா சிவவேட மகிமைதானே
arakaraa sivaveda makimaithaanae."/

- அகத்தியர் (Agathiyar)

He says that we should wear a dhothi of orange color which is of six span lengths and three span of width and a loin-cloth which is of same color with four spans of length and one span of width. Then we should use a rosary made out of fifty one rudhrakshas and yoga thandam* of 32 virarkadai* long. We should apply vibhoodhi* all over the body then this is called as “Siva vedam”.

He says that this “Siva vedam” best suites for all the chants. He says that any chant done with this guise as Siva and with the rosary will serve the purpose for sure.  He says that these kinds of chants are most powerful.

In the next post we shall see about the enchantment trick that helps in attaining success in the business and attaining all that we think by using the rosary.

*Thandam – Y shaped arm-rest used by ascetics
*Virarkadai -  a measure of length equal to a finger’s breadth
*Vibhoodhi - the sacred ashes (used for Saivite mark)

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Rudhraksha and chants

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The combination of certain set of words and repeating the same to number of times are known as chanting. This way of chanting is followed in all the religions. Even the Siththars have told about the importance of chanting in their songs.

Hence the chanting is a way of reaching to god or the power that is superior to us. This is beyond all the constraints like religions, caste and language. Any chanting done with lot of concentration will always yield the best results. Agathiyar has told about these prayers in his book “Vaadha sowmiyam” in the following way.

"செய்யப்பா செபமதுதான் தினமுஞ்செய்தால்
seyyappaa sebamathuthaan thinamunjseythaal
சிவசிவா ஆதாரஞ் சித்தியாகும்
sivasivaa aathaaranj siththiyaakum
மெய்யப்பா கபமதுவும் விலகிப்போகும்
meyyappaa kabamathuvum vilakippoakum
வேதாந்தம் சித்தாந்தம் மெய்யுள்தங்கும்
vethaanhtham siththaanhtham meyyulthangum
மையப்பா சுழிதனிலே வாசியேறும்
maiyappaa suzhithanil vaasiyaerum
மைந்தனே அட்டாங்கம் திட்டமாகும்
mainthanae attaangam thittamaakum
பொய்யப்பா போகாது தன்னைப்பாரு
poyyappaa poakaathu thannaippaaru
பூரணமும் காரணமும் பொருந்தும்பாரே
pooranamum kaaranamum porunhthumpaarae”

- அகத்தியர் (Agathiyar)

"பாராய்நீ புலத்தியமா முனியேயப்பா
paaraaynee Pulaththiyamaa muniyaeyappaa
பதிவாகச் செபதவங்கள் செய்வதற்கு
pathivaakas sepathavangal seyvatharku
பேராகச் சொல்லுகிறேன் மைந்தாகேளு
paeraagas sollukiraen mainthaakaelu
நிசமான மணியெடுத்து செபமேசெய்ய
nisamaana maniyeduththu sepamaeseyya
பிலமான ருத்திராக்கம் மெத்தநன்று
pilamaana ruththiraakkam meththananru
விண்ணான சித்தியெல்லாம் தான்பெறவே
vinnaana siththiyellaam thaanperavae
நித்தியமும் நிலையறிந்து சுத்தமாக
niththiyamum nilaiyarinthu suththamaaga
நேமமுடன் தவறாமல் செபமேசெய்யே
naemamudan thavaraamal sepamaeseyyae”

- அகத்தியர் (Agathiyar)

If we continue to chant everyday, the seven chakras will be awaken. Also you will lose phlegm and also Vedanthas and siddhanthas will reside in your body. The person who does this will rise the vaasi to suzhimunai and attain a body that could not be destroyed and will also a completion and mind will be constituted. To do chanting, using the rudhraksha is the best way for yielding the better results.

By doing chanting with rudhrakshas, we can attain the results in an easier way. Hence he says that we should clean ourselves ad do chant everyday using the rudhraksha

But how do we do the chanting with the rudhraksha is the next question. Agathiyar has answered this too. He says that doing chants by dressing like lord Siva will yield the best outcome.
How do we dress like lord Siva? We shall see the answer in the next post.

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Rudhraksha and its medicinal values

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The tree which gives the rudhraksha is a species of a medicinal herb. These are used as medicines in the Siddha medicine. I am going to share only the rrest information.

In the previous posts we have seen that the rudhraksha comes from a fruit with hard shell and which is of dark blue in color. The part inside that shell is sour to taste. This juice can be used as a medicine for the Epilepsy. Also it yields good results for cough, bronchitis, nerve pain and migraine.

By wearing the single faced rudhraksha, we can cure the asthma, bone diseases, knee pain, paralysis, and diseases related to eyes.

It is also told that by wearing the rudhraksha with two faces we can cure the fire burns. Also those with lack of concentration stress and those without kids will get good results by wearing the two faced rudhrakshas.

By wearing the rudhraksha with three faces the injuries caused by the weapons can be cured. It will also cause certain positive changes in those with inferiority complex and to those without positive thinking.

By wearing the four faced rudhraksha we can get cured from cough and flow of blood will improve.

By wearing the rudhraksha with five faces we can get cured from the problems related to the heart and obesity can be cured.

By wearing the rudhraksha with six faces we can get cured from the problems related to pregnancy, convulsion and speaking capabilities.

By wearing the rudhraksha with seven faces we can get cured from the problems related to legs and breathing problems.

By wearing the rudhraksha with eight faces we can get cured from the problems related to stomach and skin.

By wearing the rudhraksha with nine faces we can attain self confidence and good health.

By wearing the rudhraksha with ten faces we can get the strong mind.

Naturally the rudhrakshas has got a capacity of absorbing the surrounding temperature and lowering them. Hence by wearing this, body will remain cool. This might be the reason that the ancient sages and monks were wearing them.

If we soak the rudhraksha in the drinking water and then drink that water then the high blood pressure can be brought into control. For fever if we rub the old rudhraksha with honey and give it will cure the fevers that have not been cured since many days. Also if we dip this rudhraksha in water and add turmeric to that water and consume it then the cough and vomit of any kind will be cured.

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