Guru obeisance? Siththar obeisance?

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Is the Guru Obeisance and Siththar obeisance the same? One of our friends asked this question through an e-mail. After giving certain explanations for it, we shall proceed with our series of our guru obeisance.

When a child newly starts the guru kulavasam (residing in Guru's place for learning), the guru teaches the Siththar obeisance mantra to the child. “Hari namoathu sindham” is the Siththar obeisance mantra. This tradition was strictly followed till the previous generation. Now as days passed this tradition has disappeared. Apart from this, I think there is no relation between the Siththar genetics and Siththar obeisance.

To be even clearer, there are evidences that this Siththar obeisance is a practice of the Jains tradition.  Thiruththakka devar in his book, 'Seevaka sindhamani', he has written the following Siththar obeisance as the prayer song in the very beginning of the book iself.

"மூவா முதலா உலகம் ஒரு மூன்றும் ஏத்தத்
moova muthalaa ulagam oru moonrum aeththath
தாவாத இன்பம் தலை ஆயது தன்னின் எய்தி
thaavaatha inbam thalai aayathu thannini eithi
ஓவாது நின்ற குணத்து ஒள் நிதிச் செல்வன் என்ப
oavaathu ninra kunaththu ol nithich selvan enba
தேவாதி தேவன் அவன் சேவடி சேர்தும் அன்றே
thevaathi thevan avan sevadi saerthum anrae"

Hence this Siththar obeisance is no way related to the guru obeisance that we are looking right now.

So now let us switch into our topic that we were discussing.

The Siththars important mantras that I have mentioned in the last post serves as the tricks that help out the disciples to keep them connected with their guru always. By chanting that mantra at the beginning of any action, they believe that they always have the blessings and support of their guru in whatever they do and also they believe that their guru would appear in front of them whenever they need their help.

I guess you are surprised. Yes, the Siththars who have attained samadhi could appear in front of their disciples if needed. In the next post I shall share the method of seeing the Siththars in person.

Keep waiting!!

Translated by - சந்தியா