Navamani - Are lucky stones?

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Right from the birth till the death his life is solely dependant on the nine planets says the astrology. The kosaara* effects decides the each stage of human life and those effects are dependant on the good and bad that they have done in their previous birth. Apart from these by doing certain remedial activities, it is said that the effect of the nine planets could be made less intense.

Each navamani represents one particular planet.By wearing these navamani those rays enter into our body and equalise the effects of particular planet and also gives luck, says record.

Even today we can find people burying these navamani at the entrance of the newly building home. Apart from this, in temple these navamani are found buried in the tomb's foundation, in the place where God's statue is present. All these makes us realise the importance of the navamani. Apart from the belief the ancestors have also realised the benefits of these navamani, hence they have left those evidences for us to know about them.

Based on this importance only most of them have made this navamani sales as a business and are attaining a huge profit out of it. Due to some false advertisings, some of them fall into their trap and get affected very badly and loose peace of mind. Those experiences of such people are becoming a bad example for most of them thereby creating a bad opinion on these navamanis .

Actually based on the one's astrology, the planet positioning, their effects are decided and based on it the stone is prescribed. We can also say that the stone is prescribed by taking into consideration of the birth time, sign, master of the zodiac sign and birth star. But the stone cannot be predicted based on one individual sign or a star.

The stones prescribed are to be worn on the ring finger and men wear it on their right and women on the left hands and the kids can wear in the neck. When they worn like this so that those rays from the stones gets exposed into the human body. If the stone is prescribed by those who are really experted, then the benefits are really great. I have directly witnessed them.

How to choose the pure stones?

As many of them say, why do not these stones give the best results?

What is the method that the Siththars have told to make these stones give the full fledged results?

We shall see all these in the next post.

*Kosaaram - position of planets at a given moment

Translated by - சந்தியா