The baby in the womb is boy or girl - Predicting Technique

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On sharing all these informations, that are about to vanish as days passes or hat are forgot by most people, causes a great amount of satisfaction and happiness.  I could not express it in words.

Now-a-days by scanning one can identify whether the baby in the womb is boy or girl, that too even after the baby is grown partially. But in the very olden days when there is no development of science at all, without the aid of the modern equipments the Siththars have told the simple techniques to identify if the baby is boy or girl at the very early stages itself.

"கெற்பதானங்கள் பண்ணக் கிணர்தனிட் சரணங்கணாசி
kerpathaanangal pannak kinarthanit sarananganaasi 
வற்பணப் பிராணவாய்வு வலத்திலே யோடி லாணாஞ்
varpanap piraanavaaivu valaththilae yoadi laananj 
சிற்பன விடத்திலோடிற் சிறந்தது பெண்ணதாகும்
sirpana vidaththiloadir siranthathu pennathaagum 
பிற்கர வுதயமாகிற் பிலமில்லாக் குருடு வூமை
pirkara vuthayamaakir pilamillaak kurudu voomai" 

- அகத்தியர் (Agathiyar)

At the time the baby was formed taking into consideration the breath that flows in nose, we can identify whether the baby is boy or girl. Agathiyar has told about that technique in the following way.

The oxygen is flowing in the right side of the nose then the baby formed in the womb is girl else if the oxygen is flowing in the left side of the nose then the baby formed in the womb is boy. If there is any problem in the flow of the oxygen then the baby will be born with defeciencies like blindness, deaf, etc,.

Pulipaani Siththar in one of his songs has told the technique of predicting the day the baby would take birth. 

"சித்திரை பத்தாந் தேதியில் தூரம்
siththirai paththaan thaethiyil thooram 
சென்றிடிலது முதற்பத்து வரையில்
senridilathu mutharpaththu varaiyil 
பத்தாகு மதிலேழு சேரில் பதினேழ் தேதியில்
paththaagu mathilaezhu saeril pathinaezh thaethiyil 
பகர்தறி தைமாதம் பதினேழ் தேதியிலே
pagarthari thaimaatham pathinaezh thaethitil 
ஆமாப்பா போகருட கடாட்சத்தாலே
aamaappaa Bogaruda kadaatchaththaalae 
தெளிவாகப் புலிப்பாணி பாடினேனே
thelivaagap Pulipaani paadinaenae"

- புலிப்பாணி (Pulipaani)

If the periods is stopped during the Tamil month of siththirai (appr. Apr 15 - May 15)  from then count ten months i.e., thuy, Tamil month (appr. Jan 15 - Feb 15)  and add seven days to it and hence they baby will take birth on the seventeenth day of the thuy month.

If the periods stops on before fifteenth of the siththiraiai month then count ten months from then.

If the period stops after the fifteenth of the month then count as eleven months from then says Pulipaani Siththar.

During the time of pregnancy, the growth of the baby related details will be shared in the next post.

Translated by - சந்தியா